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Cloud Security Review

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Businesses make assumptions about the security of AWS, Azure, Google -and other public and private cloud services. Such can be a 

dangerous supposition.

Cloud sprawl, misconfigurations, lack of identity and authentication protocols, and vulnerable public facing workloads are the tip of the iceberg.


Our certified cloud engineers will review cloud configurations on a quarterly basis to advise, recommend, and verify. The deliverable will be documented reporting regarding both the pros and cons of current deployments and controls.  NIST, PCI, and other compliances can be reviewed as required for each engagement.

Each review is overseen by our VP of Engineering who holds not only bachelors and masters of information security, but the CISSP, OSCP, AWS and cloud certs such as AWS and Google Cloud engineer. He has also served as VP of Technology for United Online and in critical information security roles in companies in California and New York in his tenured career.


Don’t leave cloud security to chance.

Contact us to set up a call and discuss your unique cloud environment.

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