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Listen to podcasts on Penetration testing, Cyber maturity assesments, GDPR and more!


Listen to our Vistas podcast. Views on cybersecurity, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Archived Podcasts

Cyber Trends to Watch in 2022: Episode 154 of the Cyber 24 podcast. Webcheck Security asked its key engineers and practitioners about cyber trends to watch out for in 2022 with host: Marty Carpenter. Listen to get the inside scoop.

Cyber 24, Episode 135: Public tipping point on ransomware. The Colonial pipeline attack sent gas prices skyrocketing and had people filling plastic bags with gasoline. The hack of JBS Meat caused food prices to increase. It begs the question: are hackers expanding their scope of attack and will it finally put cybersecurity front and center for the general public?

What happened? Solar Winds Cyber attack: CEO Greg Johnson joins Ravi Das on his podcast AST Cybersecurity.

Metanoia-Rethink Everything: CEO Greg Johnson and Podcast Host discuss Cybersecurity, its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

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Cyber 24, Episode 103: New trend boosts cybersecurity for vulnerable SMB without breaking the bank. Small and medium-sized businesses need security expertise as much as the big boys, but many aren't ready for a full-time CISO. We look at how a fractional or virtual CISO could be the answer your looking for!

Cyber 24, Episode 98: Testing and Securing Web Applications with CEO Greg Johnson  speaking about his new book - looking at how your business can keep its app or apps secure. 

Listen: Getting Into the Mind of a Hacker Hosted by Ravi Das with our VP of engineering and lead penetration tester Curt Jeppson and CEO Greg Johnson.

Cyber 24, Episode 89: The Anatomy of the Hack with CEO Greg Johnson and VP of Engineering Curt Jeppson, insight on how hackers go about trying to break into your system and steal your data and money. 

Cyber 24: SOC 2 and other Corporate Certs - What, Why? How? a continued look at cyber frameworks and certifications. We learn more about SOC 2, to whom it applies, why some organizations need it, and how they get it. With CEO, Greg Johnson and Marty Carpenter.

Listen: Find Out About The Importance & Ramifications Of The CMMC. Discussed by CEO Greg Johnson, Lori Crooks, and Ravi Dias

Cyber 24: Effective Frameworks and Maturity Assesment  CEO Greg Johnson and Mike Hussey (Exec, Director, UT Dept of Technology services) take a close look at effective cyber frameworks and Maturity Assessments.

Blog Talk Radio: Remote Cybersecurity in Unprecedented Times Listen to CEO of Webcheck, Greg Johnson, in a discussion of existing and emerging practices surrounding cybersecurity.

Blog Talk Radio:  Listen to CEO of Webcheck, Greg Johnson,  and CEO Tomu Johnson of Parsons Behle Lab discuss CCPA and data protection/penetration testing

Cyber 24, Episode 67: Listen to the CEO of Webcheck discuss the difference between pen tests and vulnerability scans, what you can learn from each and how to determine the frequency needed.

Blog Talk Radio: Listen to the CEO of Webcheck discuss GDPR and data protection.

Blog Talk Radio: Listen to the CEO of Webcheck discuss common elements, misconceptions and applications of penetration testing!

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