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News, views and insights into the cybersecurity realm hosted by Greg Johnson, CEO of Webcheck Security.

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Episode 24:  In this episode it’s an honor to have you meet Crystal Peterson, President and CEO of Software Technology Group or STG of Salt Lake City, UT. We’ll learn from Crystal of STG’s people-focused legacy, and the future of their culture and digital transformation services.

More About our guest:

Crystal has worked in the IT consulting industry since 1996.  She has worked in many different capacities over the years, which has given her a wide variety of experience and knowledge in Finance, Human Resources, Training, Development, IT, Project Management, Business Analysis, Operations, Sales, and Leadership.   Her current role is the CEO and President of Software Technology Group.  As a leader in the company, she helped STG grow from a small company with $1M in annual revenue to a company of over 200 employees and $33M in annual revenue, and still growing.  Crystal is also a certified therapist, Agile leader, wife, and mother of four.

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