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News, views and insights into the cybersecurity realm hosted by Greg Johnson, CEO of Webcheck Security.

Episode 1: In our inaugural episode we welcome by Earl Foote, CEO of Nexus IT Consultants. Join us as Earl discusses cyber security, corporate growth, cyber trends and challenges, success principles.

Episode 2: In this podcast we examine the tremendously important, but often ignored element of cybersecurity: Personal effectiveness and communication skills. We explore that today and more with our guest, Doug Stoddard.

Episode 3: Digital transformation requires an ongoing commitment to improvement. We discuss this and more with our guest, Romain Marshall, Cyber Attorney Extraordinare and partner at Armstrong Teasdale.

Episode 4: The cybersecurity industry has taken radical twists in the past two years. In today’s podcast we welcome Braintrace CRO Greg Spicer and CTO John Limb to discuss this past year, the emerging trends and new technology DragonFly.

Episode 5: Join us in this episode as we discus success factors in cyber project management with technology veteran Thomas Rogan.

Episode 6: We deviate from pure cyber security to discuss key elements of leadership and entrepreneurship. Vistas welcomes Nikki Stone, Olympic Gold Medalist, Bestselling Author, and Award-winning Motivational Speaker. 

Episode 7: Is it possible to qualify for a cyber safe harbor? Good question. Listen to this special Vistas episode with guest and cyber attorney Romain Marshall to find out.

Episode 8: The best way to protect against ransomware is if you have pristine data to restore. Perpetual Storage Inc. talks about their unique storage vault and technologies. With guests Aubrey Murray, Executive VP and JR Maycock, CIO.

Episode 9: Today we chat with Jordan Boogaard, Founder, Former CEO, and current President of Eddy, an amazing HR Platform and Services Company. Eddy is in the HR industry, but also providing sensitive HR data protection.

Episode 10: Today we chat with Brandon Robertson, Client Advisor and extraordinary insurance professional at The Buckner Company. Brandon specializes in cyber insurance, which has become hugely important.  Discover what’s happening in the cyber insurance world. 

Episode 11: We welcome Neil Gonsalves, Founder and CEO of Webcheck Security’s longtime partner, AARC-360, IT Assurance and Audit Company. One of Neil’s keys to success has been his integrity and willingness to serve his clients – an attitude that is very compatible with the Webcheck Way. 

Episode 12: Today’s we welcome Bradford Lewis, Weapons and Tactics Officer for the Air National Guard, Adjunct Cyber Security Professor at the University of Maryland, and Pen Test Engineer and Fractional CISO for Webcheck Security. We’ll be discussing critical occurrences in the cyber world, along with leadership and optimism. 

Episode 13: Most of the data breach incidents that occur are a result of social engineering and phishing. Best cyber practices dictate annual cyber awareness training. Our Special guest is Mr. Matt Groves, Founder and CEO of Wasatch Security Awareness.

Episode 14: Today’s podcast focuses on the leadership element and mental health in the workplace as Vistas welcomes Mr. Nic Dunn - Director, Utah Community Builders Foundation at the Salt Lake Chamber.

Episode 15: This podcast is a blend of cybersecurity, as well as the leadership and entrepreneurship elements. Vistas welcomes Mr. Mike Farr – CEO of BinglePay, a secure, integrated credit card and payments processor.

Episode 16: Today’s podcast features our inaugural guest and anchor sponsor organization, Earl Foote, CEO of Nexus IT Consultants. In the next hour we’ll learn about critical trends in managed services and more importantly, cybersecurity!

Episode 17: This podcast features an incredible woman, Tiffany Ricks, who is the CEO of Hacware,  an award-winning Cybersecurity company that provides advanced antiphishing software to combat social engineering. In the Podcast we learn about Tiffany, her life and her platform, and the things that have made her and her company successful!

Episode 18: This podcast features a man who came highly recommended to Webcheck Security by an investment capital group. Peter Bybee is the CEO of Security On-Demand, and today it will be our pleasure to hear his story and ideology surrounding cyber security being a big data analytics problem.

Episode 19: This Podcast features Zach Sherf, Director of CyberSecurity for This year alone Interlaced has added over 20 security focused services, a new tier of service for compliance focused companies, and developed a new process for delivering security consultations.

Episode 20: This Podcast podcast features Webcheck CMO, Valentina Rodriguez. We’ll discuss a phishing incident at an agency she worked for and the costs of such, in addition to growing cyber business in a competitive marketplace.

Episode 21: The cybersecurity industry has recently been flooded with technology to help corporations reduce cyber risk, but are they effective?. In today’s podcast we welcome Ostrich CRO Greg Spicer to discuss an exciting new technology and cyber tool.

Episode 22: We deviate from cybersecurity to discuss Holiday Cheer – particularly in the realm of philanthropy and mental health. Enjoy this cheery Holiday guest, Brandy Vega from Vega Media Studios and the Good Deed Revolution, as this story unfolds.

Episode 23: We look forward to cyber safety and trends in 2023. One recent cyber report suggested that only 20% of all CISOs expressed confidence that they were at the same cyber posture as last year. What do we need to be concerned about in 2023? What are the trends? Stay tuned and find out! 

Episode 24: In this episode it’s our honor to have you meet Crystal Peterson, President and CEO of Software Technology Group, or STG, of Salt Lake City, UT. We’ll learn from Crystal of STG’s people-focused legacy, and the future of their culture and digital transformation services.  

Episode 25: Webcheck partners with IT Assurance or CPA firms to provide SOC 2, ISO 27001 and other services. In this podcast, we learn about client-focused professional services firm Johanson Group, LLP, and trends in the cyber assurance space! With Guest Ryan Johanson.

Episode 26: The cyber insurance landscape has changed. In this episode, we’re blessed to discuss this topic with two amazing experts, COO Kelsey Kelly and CEO Bob Sargent, of eSpecialty Insurance.

Episode 27: In the early 2000’s the cyber industry started with LogRhythm and Splunk by storing logs which might provide insight into data breach and anomaly; 20 years later the XDR Market is flooded with products, full service vendors, MSSPs. What is real vs. hype? With CEO Matt Daley, Virtual Armour!

Episode 28: Every day we receive emails that look compelling. The problem is, the rank and file employee gets fooled by these daily and can cost an organization millions of dollars in damages. In this episode we discuss solutions with Larry Meador, Channel Chief of Infima Cybersecurity.

Episode 29: This podcast welcomes Neil Gonsalves, Founder and CEO of Webcheck Security’s longtime partner, AARC-360. Joining Neil is Bernie Wedge, a key member of AARC-360's Advisory Board. Today’s topic: What’s New in IT Compliance in 2024!

Episode 30: This podcast welcomes Dylan Hutchinson, Head of Channel & Alliances at Shield Cyber. The topic: Continuous Threat & Exposure Management

Episode 31: Host Greg Johnson delves into the details and differences between automated and manual penetration testing. Find out which is right for you!

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