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DoD Releases Defense Industrial Base Strategy

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has recently unveiled its Defense Industrial Base Cybersecurity Strategy, marking a significant step forward in the nation's efforts to fortify its defense sector against the ever-evolving cyber threats. This comprehensive strategy outlines a robust framework aimed at enhancing the cybersecurity posture of the Defense Industrial Base (DIB), which is integral to national security and technological superiority.


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The strategy is built upon four foundational goals:


1. Strengthen the DoD governance structure for DIB cybersecurity: This goal focuses on enhancing interagency collaboration to address cross-cutting cybersecurity issues and advancing the development of regulations that govern the cybersecurity responsibilities of DIB contractors and subcontractors.


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2. Enhance the cybersecurity posture of the DIB: Under this goal, the DoD aims to evaluate DIB compliance with its cybersecurity requirements, improve threat intelligence sharing, identify vulnerabilities within IT ecosystems, recover from malicious cyber activities, and assess the effectiveness of existing cybersecurity regulations and policies.


3. Preserve the resiliency of critical DIB capabilities in a cyber-contested environment: This involves prioritizing the cyber resiliency of essential production capabilities and establishing policies that focus on cybersecurity for critical suppliers and facilities.


4. Improve cybersecurity collaboration with the DIB: The final goal seeks to leverage collaboration with commercial internet, cloud, and cybersecurity service providers to enhance DIB cyber threat awareness. It also aims to improve communication with the DIB and expand public-private cybersecurity collaboration.


Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks highlighted the importance of this strategy, stating that bolstering the cybersecurity of DIB partners will significantly improve the overall cybersecurity of the United States. The collaborative approach, involving industry, academic institutions, and research and development organizations, is expected to create a more resilient defense ecosystem capable of withstanding and countering cyber threats.


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The release of the Defense Industrial Base Cybersecurity Strategy is a testament to the DoD's commitment to defending the nation's interests in cyberspace. It provides a clear and actionable path forward for the Department's internal and industry-facing cybersecurity activities, aligning with the directives and priorities of the National Defense Strategy, the 2023 National Cybersecurity Strategy, and the 2023 DoD Cyber Strategy.


As cyber threats continue to pose significant risks to national security, the implementation of this strategy will be crucial in ensuring the protection and resilience of the United States' defense capabilities. The DoD's proactive stance serves as a model for other sectors, emphasizing the need for continuous improvement and adaptation in the face of a dynamic cyber landscape.


For more detailed information on the Defense Industrial Base Cybersecurity Strategy, you can access the full document here.

All organizations that have even second- or third-tier relationships with the DIB will ideally take the proactive step of undergoing Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliance assessment by a qualified firm like Webcheck Security.

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