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Review: Shield Cyber - A New Form of Risk Identification

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

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Webcheck Security is pleased to share our insights on a new solution that can help organizations identify and prioritize risks across their networks. We are talking about Hoplite's Shield Cyber product, a continuous threat exposure management (CTEM) platform that offers a unique and effective approach to vulnerability detection and remediation.

CTEM is a proactive and continuous process that aims to discover, contextualize and assess the attack surface of your critical assets. CTEM is an essential part of your cybersecurity program, as it enables you to identify and address vulnerabilities before they are exploited by attackers. Shield Cyber is a CTEM platform that leverages the expertise of both penetration testers and vulnerability managers. Shield can help you scan your identity, infrastructure, application and cloud environments from an attacker's perspective, and provide you with actionable recommendations to reduce your exposure.

Here are some of the features that we found impressive about this product:

A Focus on Active Directory Analysis

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Shield Cyber has a special capability to analyze Active Directory instances for potential issues, such as misconfigurations, weak policies and privilege escalation paths. Active Directory is often a target for attackers, as it can provide them with access and control over the network. Shield can help you identify and fix Active Directory vulnerabilities before they are exploited. Of course, Shield Cyber is not limited to Active Directory analysis. It can also scan other types of environments and assets for vulnerabilities.

A Simulation of an Attacker's View

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Shield Cyber allows you to see your network as an attacker would see it. You can gain visibility into the connected vulnerabilities across all your assets, and understand how they can be exploited by attackers. Shield also provides you with a risk score for each asset, based on the severity and likelihood of exploitation. This way, you can prioritize your remediation efforts and focus on the most critical vulnerabilities.

Contextualizing Risk

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To protect your systems proactively, you need to find and assess the vulnerabilities and risks in your environment, and then plan your defense strategy accordingly. This way, you can optimize your resources, improve your coverage, and eliminate blind spots and unknowns in your security posture. You can use Shield Cyber to enhance the visibility of your tools and to prioritize and manage the vulnerabilities effectively.

Integrations Support

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Shield Cyber can be integrated with various vulnerability scanning tools, such as Nessus or Qualys, or with Shield's custom system to assess the endpoints in your environment. A per-endpoint agent is also planned for future development. Shield supports many integrations with the most popular vulnerability identification tools.

Webcheck Security can assist you with implementing Shield and maximizing its benefits. Contact us today to schedule a discussion and a demo of Shield's features.

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