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The Webcheck Way

When you hear the name "Webcheck Security" you don’t need to wonder what industry we’re in. We're all about cyber risk mitigation, and of course, we do a lot of "checking" of websites and web applications, hence Webcheck Security seemed novel and apropos. We also lease our amazing fractional CISOs to organizations requiring hands-on cyber policy, procedure, audit and other cyber governance work. What our name does not convey is the way Webcheck is run. We operate in the “Webcheck Way”, And we hope the Webcheck Way will become synonymous with our name.

"It’s all about how we serve, go the extra mile, go beyond expectations.“

What is the Webcheck way? The words we want to come to mind when Webcheck is spoken of are words like service, caring, and kind. We strive to operate in a way that puts our customers first and ensures their experience is the very best. Our CEO Greg Johnson says:

“People ask what our differentiator is. It’s this: We genuinely care about the success of our customers. It’s our people. Our mantra as we discuss potential engagement is ‘it would be an honor to serve you.’ We serve our customers, not merely throw the report over the wall and say have a nice day. It’s all about how we serve, go the extra mile, go beyond expectations.“

We want to help our customers succeed. As our CMO Charlene Ignacio says, "We work diligently and attentively with you to get the best cyber outcome."

An example of this is a recent scenario where one of our FISOs - Fractional Information Security Officer - was only contracted for ten hours a month but ended up being used for eighty! Governance and compliance in the cyber realm is not easy, particularly for fintech companies (as is this particular client) and our FISO Ben showed how indispensable this service can be.

Another example is a SaaS company with a unique supply chain solution that kept coming back to the well for more assistance with policy, project organization and other cyber governance. FISO Lori proved a critical practitioner for them as they navigated compliance and an acquisition.

If you work with us, you’ll get treated to the Webcheck Way. We would love to help you improve your cyber posture and protect your company.

So, how can we serve you today?

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